Available Staff Positions:

Please email resume to office@haystreetchurch.org, or hand deliver to 320 Hay Street, Fayetteville, NC, 28301.

Hay Street United Methodist Church

Youth Ministry Coordinator (YMC) Job Description


Preferred qualifications:  Successful experience in a leadership role involving program management and recruitment.  Godly, cheerful personality, enthusiastic, and a passion to shepherd youth in a Christ-centered environment.  Excellent oral and written communication skills, including computer literacy.  Excellent driving record and capable of driving church-owned vehicle. 

Purpose:  To coordinate and implement all programs and activities that contributes to the vision, goals, and objectives of the youth (6th-12th grade) ministry at Hay Street UMC.   

Primary Duties/Responsibilities: The YMC is responsible for all youth ministries to include, but not limited to:  Sunday School; United Methodist Youth Fellowship Sunday evenings (Bible studies, activities, mission, etc.); Wednesday Evenings (Bible study); youth mission trips and fellowship activities (i.e. Pilgrimage, Alive, Camp Rockfish events); and encouraging youth to connect with other ministry/mission opportunities throughout the church and community.

Character and Nature of the Position:  The YMC must be a devoted follower of Jesus Christ and a man/woman of character and integrity.  His/Her life must reflect the mission, theology and doctrine of The United Methodist Church.

Accountability:  The YMC reports directly to the Senior Pastor and is accountable to the Staff Parish Relations Committee.  There will be times the YMC will need to meet with the Office Manager for budgeting, scheduling and/or other administrative tasks.

Responsible for

  1. Be an advocate for youth and represent their concerns, hopes, and needs.

  2. Recruit, engage, and sustain youth involvement in all ministries/missions.  

  3. Create and maintain contact list of all youth and develop strategies for maintaining effective communication with youth and their families (i.e. texting, social media, emails, written communication). 

  4. Develop and plan Christian-based disciple programs to build the faith of youth and help them grow in grace as they strive to be more Christ-like in their own daily lives.

  5. Identify and implement appropriate Christian curriculum that address the needs of youth.

  6. Sundays:  attend early worship; coordinate teacher schedule for youth; create plan identifying volunteers to seek out new youth and connection with all youth for 11am worship; lead Bible study/activities/ mission for Sunday afternoons/evenings and Wednesday nights. 

  7. Supervision of lock-ins/trips:  coordination and supervision for overnight experiences and/or short- or long-term ministry/mission trips. 

  8. Build effective relationships with individual youth, parents, adult youth volunteers, church staff, and the Hay Street UMC community in overall support of the Youth Ministry.

9.  Develop, monitor budget, and implement fundraising activities as necessary with senior pastor and church administrator.

  1. Keep accurate records of youth participation in all ministries/missions. 

  2. Write a monthly column for Haystreeter newsletter.

  3. Communicate, follow and monitor appropriate Safe Sanctuary policies.

  4. Other duties/responsibilities as assigned through joint discussion between the Staff Parish Relations Committee and the Senior Pastor as needs arise.

Hours: This is a part-time position.  Expectations include Wednesday evenings from 5:30-8 pm, Sunday mornings and afternoons/evenings, other times as needed, and regular meetings with the Senior Pastor.

Evaluation:  Conditions of employment, compensation, benefits and other related matters are to be considered on an annual basis and at other times as necessary by the Staff Parish Relations Committee. This salaried position is classified ­part-time, requiring an average of 10 hours per week and includes some weekends.  Evaluation shall be performed annually by the Senior Pastor, and reviewed by the Staff Parish Relations Committee.  All other matters are covered by the Hay Street United Methodist Church Staff and Personnel Policy.